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Zamak Die Casting

Involving the use of reusable or permanent molds, the term
permanent mold casting refers to a process.

Advantages of Zamak Metal in Low Pressure Die Casting

In the Zamak low pressure die casting process, the molten Zamak metal is poured in the mold cavities and accordingly permitted to cool under a certain level of pressure and harden. Low pressure die casting method is a new process, but widely used. Low pressure die casting technique can able to produce much better castings with a higher density as compared to other processes. This procedure is always used to make the toughest of products with the most intricate designs.

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We are proving high quality and precisely shaped Zamak alloy die-cast parts using this technique. We ensure that our product range will match all needs and global standards of quality. The entire process of die casting with the assembly process will be done under the supervision of our expert engineers. As a reputed and trusted Zamak low pressure die casting supplier, we deliver products to the global industries as per their specifications.

Our dedication and expertise are immense. Our expert team always tries to keep improving their level of expertise to ensure customer satisfaction. We work with both domestic and international customers in a professional way and deliver the products at competitive pricing range. The cost-effective prices and the utmost quality productsmake us stand out from the crowd.

Zamak is one of the most versatile metal alloys and Zamak low pressure die casting provides a wide range of outstanding physical and mechanical properties and finishing characteristics. It is a non-ferrous material a combination of zinc alloy with aluminum, magnesium, and copper.


Benefits of Zamak Alloy-

  • Needs less energy consumption
  • Has hardness, high tensile strength, density
  • Poured by a cold or hot chamber
  • Produces pieces in large volumes with a high precision
  • Faster injection cycles
  • Savings of machining
  • Ensures better finishes and surface treatments

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